Offshore Foundations

Wind, waves and the tidal flow of world oceans are providing enormous potential for renewable energy generation. To meet expanding installation challenges for fixing larger, heavier foundations into difficult soils, even rock, Bauer Renewables is developing a comprehensive range of new equipment and innovative techniques that allows for safe, fast and economical steel pile foundation installation, operating from floating and fixed platform vessels. Bauer Renewables can undertake all aspects of the pile installation project - from preliminary design, advanced works, site investigation, pile loading, testing, monitoring, reporting - prior to undertaking offshore drilling works and pile handling/ grouting – on any location, worldwide.


Advantages of BAUER subsea drilling services:


  • Diminished deck activity, makes for safer topsides environment, reducing the risk of accidents
  • Safety of operators is assured, as drilling is remotely controlled from the harmless environment of vessel control room
  • Increased productivity and less weather downtime because the equipment operates subsea, completely isolated from surface weather influence
  • Flexible umbilical connection to surface vessel allows for movements of a floating vessel during subsea drilling operations
  • Adaptable - can be deployed from offshore construction vessel, crane barge or jack up barge
  • Rapid launch and recovery processes means drilling starts sooner and installation is faster