Dive Drill CU40

‘Jacket’ foundations for offshore wind turbines are sometimes sited on challenging sea bed soils, where steel piles cannot be driven. They will need to be fixed using drilled and grouted (D&G) techniques. In such circumstances, it might be theoretically feasible to bore the socket ‘uncased’ – as an open borehole - but if the soils are not completely self-supporting, the chances of debris or wall collapse would compromise quality during installation and grouting of the pile. With an increasing number of projects now planned for hard soils and rock, BAUER has developed the DDCU40 for complete, self-contained, quality controlled installation of D&G steel piles.


The system takes a temporary casing to design depth, then installs the pile to strict tolerances before grouting the secured annulus to seabed level. The temporary casing is withdrawn for multiple re-use. We are able to offer very competitive installation times, through different soils, even in hard rock, that provide you a fast, quality controlled solution when compared to the uncertainties of unsupported socket drilling.