Dive Drill DDC40

Where Jacket foundations are considered in marginal soil situations and pile driving alone is questionable, our DDC40 relief drill will accelerate your project in a way that ‘top drilling’ could not. No need to physically build a drill string from the vessel deck down to the blockage in the pile (and disassemble again, before piling re-commences). As soon as the piling hammer is free from the pile, we rapidly lower the DDC40 from its platform - connected through umbilical’s - down into the pile and until it reaches the seabed, whereupon it is ready immediately to relief drill the excessive internal friction. If boulders are encountered, no problem, the equipment is outfitted with rock drilling under-reamers. Once the friction/obstacle is removed, the drill is back on deck again in around half an hour and pile driving can resume immediately. The DDC40 is a self-contained fully optimised solution for fast, Drive-Drill-Drive Operations and was commissioned for the OWF ‘Beatrice’.