Welcome to BAUER Renewables Ltd

BAUER Renewables Ltd. with its offices in Scotland, UK, is the BAUER Group, marine solutions division for designing and installing steel foundation piles in all offshore environments, especially those with difficult seabed soils. 


A subsidiary of BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH and founded in 2010, our field of operation primarily covers offshore construction for wind, wave and tidal energy developments, but we also provide solutions for O & G and to marine civil construction projects. We specialise in the design and operation of state of the art drilling equipment, primarily subsea, for various foundation systems.


Our BSD 3000 drill rig provides the opportunity to install steel piles into hard rock seabed, at around 3.0 in diameter and up to 20 m socket. This services is available for Tidal and Wave energy developers, as well as for moorings for FPSO vessels, or indeed any drilled marine anchoring solution.


For offshore wind, we have a range of equipment. Our DDC40 relief drill can be used to assist placement of driven pin piles for wind farm jacket structures experiencing early refusal, as was the case recently at Beatrice Wind Farm.


For non-drivable seabed conditions, we offer our DDCU40 equipment, which can install drilled and grouted pin piles, where the drilled socket is temporarily cased thus providing full length, safe, placement of steel piles in any combination of soils.


Our techniques are adjusted to suit specific projects, with launch and recovery procedures optimised to suit individual vessels, operating equally from floating and fixed platforms.


Everything is designed to minimise noise and vibration, essential in sensitive marine environments when you are operating down to 200m.


Bauer Renewables provides a complete service to design, drill, install and grout marine foundations in place.